Wind Rose –  USA tour diary

I find fascinating all the contrasts that life gives us as a gift. From the noisy New York City to Upstate, I took the Metro North to play that evening in Marlboro. After ten minutes you feel like you are on another planet. Seats located on the left side of the wagons are more appreciated when you go to direction north, nobody wants to miss the gorgeous Hudson river opening up its path gradually through the landscape. The train is slow and decadent, perfect for fantasizing, wandering in my thoughts and preparing the set list for the show.


Eric Miller, from Rick Turner Guitars,  picked me up at Beacon Station carrying the two wonderful guitars that would go with me during the whole tour. I am so grateful for that. We met Ira Coleman at the venue, Live at the Falcon, for an hour rehearsal before the concert. It was so nice to see him again. He played in “Wind Rose” and having him that evening was very special. Duet is one of my favorite line up, I enjoyed it a lot! Ira is a master.

Ira Coleman at Live at the Falcon

Last train to Manhattan. I was able to be on time to catch it. The solitary platform and the big city, the unknown, waiting for me. I smiled thinking that it sounded like a title of a new song. Loneliness is my best tool to invoking the muses. It was a great beginning.