How going to buy some bell peppers to the market turned out to be the most fun photo shoot.

I believe more and more that coincidences are signals to show us our path in life. A magical projection of our own will, actions and desires. These ten days in Nashville presenting the album Wind Rose were full of them.

Danny and Lena Strimer opened me the door of their house at the beautiful East Nashville. Danny is a fantastic composer and Lena is a creative soul, sculptor, painter, musician,… We shared good moments of conversations, what it means to be a musician, our fears, our sources of inspiration… I am incredibly grateful for their hospitality and support. 

Lena told me about a guitar builder who had his workshop around the corner. One morning I went to visit him with Danny, just for saying hello, checking some guitars, browsing around, without any pretensions… Minutes later I was playing a model that was built specially for the acclaimed Spanish classical guitarist Andres Segovia! Manuel Delgado of Delgado Guitars turned out to be the third generation of luthiers and his grandfather made this instrument. Having it in my hands connected me suddenly to old memories, where I spent countless hours practicing classical guitar. What a surreal situation to find this treasure here. Thousands of miles away from home and it brought me to my teenager’s bedroom back in CĂłrdoba.

I promised Lena and Dan to make lunch that day, but the main ingredient, bell peppers, was missing. On my way to the market, I thought to visit Manuel again. I wanted to show him the new guitar that Rick Turner prepared me for this tour and also gave him my Cd.
– What a beautiful guitar, I’m sure Michael will love to shoot it! – Manuel told me.
– Michael, what Michael?
Michael Weintrob, he has a photography book where he substitutes the musician’s head’s for their instruments. His studio is just here.
– Of course, I know him! It can not be true!!
I loved the work of Michael, as it reflects the symbiosis musician-instrument in a spectacular way. Friends like Jaco Abel and David Golek had been featured in his acclaimed book Instrument Head. In fact, the guitar that Jaco is playing in the photo was built by my partner, Danny Marcovich. Michael’s studio was located on the same street. I had passed without realizing it!
– Let’s go visit him,  Susana!

Talking with Michael, we found out how many friends we had in common. Finally, I could see his book and was delighted to find Cyro Baptista in the first pages. Cyro is the amazing percussionist that plays at Wind Rose. What a fascinating book!

Michael invited me to a photo shoot the next day. Lena came with me and we had a great time. Michael is a lovely, generous, fun and hyper-creative person. It’s so exciting to be part of Instrument Head! He picked the red blouse and we found the way of enhancing my Spanish roots by moving my arms like a flamenco dancer.

If you want to give away something special to a friend, I strongly recommend this hard cover fine art book. You can get it here

Back in Amsterdam, my students also wanted their Instrument head’s photo 🙂

That morning, on my way to the supermarket, I was doubting about visiting Manuel, a mixture of laziness and shyness. This story invites me to reflect on how many beautiful things can happen to us if we open ourselves to explore, being curious and attentive.

I would love to hear your comments in the section below. Thanks for reading,

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