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Considered by the jazz critic and historian Ted Gioia as “the Andalusian Eva Cassidy”, Raya is a rare thing in art: “She has developed a style where voice and guitar seem to breathe at the same time”.

Songwriter, classically trained guitar player, European awarded jazz singer and jazz guitar graduated, Susana combines her singer-songwriter spirit with a jazz touch, which is enhanced by her Spanish roots.

Susana grew up playing classical guitar at her hometown, Córdoba (Spain). Apart from that, she was always writing songs as a way of expression since she was thirteen. Soon, she felt attracted to jazz and improvised music and started to attend to workshops and masterclass (Judy Niemack, Pat Metheny, Deborah Brown, Jamey Aebersold, Maria João, Deborah Carter…). Inspired by a duet album of guitar players Maarten van der Grinten and Jesse van Ruller,  she decided to establish in Amsterdam to finish her studies in jazz guitar at the Conservatory where they usually teach. 

“My music is the result of being inspired by artists that have resonated in me profoundly. My biggest love has gone to Chet Baker, Pat Metheny, Elis Regina, Antonio Vega, Eva Cassidy, and many others…”

She was mentioned in the new book of Ted Gioia, “Jazz Standard: a guide to the repertoire” (Oxford University press, 2012) that recommends her “My one and only love”.

Her collaboration with the legendary jazz bass player, Steve Swallow in Upstate New York at 2013 opened the door to record her new album Wind Rose, that includes songs cooked for the last five years. Providence brought her the joy to make it with a five start team: Clifford Carter (piano, James Taylor, Art Garfunkel), Ira Coleman (double bass, Sting, Dee dee Bridgewater), Leo Amuedo (guitar, Ivan Lins, Chris Botti), Cyro Baptista (percussion, Paul Simon, Yo-yo Ma, Herbie Hancock). It was recorded live at Clubhouse Studios, Rhinebeck, NY. The producer, Gary Burke, says: “Susana Raya is the most accomplished debut artist I have ever come across in all the years I have been doing this. She can sing, she can play and she can write. A triple threat as we say here in the States.” 


photos by Valentín Gámiz and Asaf Lewkowitz


“Susana Raya is an amazing talent, and I find her performances deeply moving, they remind me of the first time I heard Norah Jones and Eva Cassidy“. Ted Gioia, Jazz critic and historian. 

“When Susana performs, a quiet comes over the room. The audience instantly realizes that what they´re hearing is special. This type of response is quite rare and indeed, magical. It speaks to the power of music when the artist is one with the instrument, one with the music, one with the audience”. Bill Piburn, Fingerstyle Guitar Journal.

“She can sing, she can play and she can write. A “triple threat” as we say here in the States. Susana, you truly can “hang with the big dogs.” Gary Burke, producer and drummer.

“She´s brilliant!”. Martin Taylor, virtuoso fingerstyle guitarist.“A pure, honest, unaffected voice, extremely musical and fantasCc lyrics, great talent” Ira Coleman, musician“Always love your creativity and sensitivity. An inspiring singer and player” David Hosler, Seven C Music.

“I just love your work”. Lori Lieberman, singer-songwriter.

“Improviser full of fantasy and a sensitive interpreter” Luca Sabbatini, Tribune de Genéve.

“Your playing/singing are both brilliant –  the right emotion combined with a real jazz touch” Garrison Fewell, guitar player.

“If you love Astrud Gilberto, you´ll adore Susana”, Fradley Garner, Jersey Jazz